October 10, 2010

Adventures with livestock

I am a bad blogger. It has been an entire month since I last posted here. Shame on me. Shame!

Plus, I've been busy doing awesome things, so you'd think I'd want to post about all the awesomeness.

My life is getting ridiculous again. I'm loving it.

Par example: Last weekend we went to the Taos Sheep and Wool Festival. I got a big bag of yarn and stuff, and a tiny sunburn on just one shoulder. I'm not sure how I managed that. I think I must have been somehow facing the same way all day.

The festival was so much fun though. I met other another knitter from Santa Fe, and her daughter and granddaughter from Phoenix.

And we saw a whole passel of knitting-friendly livestock. First there were the traditional sheep:

That one in the middle refused to come out of the middle. He was trying so hard to hide the indignity of being the only one that was shorn. It certainly wasn't because he was cold. It was at least seventy-five that day. Maybe eighty. Unseasonably warm for Taos.

Next we saw the alpacas.

They were very shy and stayed huddled in the middle so you couldn't really pet them much. The Boy Creature managed it, and said they were very soft. I'll have to console myself with petting the hand-dyed alpaca yarn I bought instead.

I did love the sound they made, though. It's sort of somewhere between a cat's meow and a sheep's bleat. And they did it over and over. I loved it!

This next little guy is a baby yak.

And when I say little, I mean about the size of a labrador. He was adorable, though. It was too hot for him, so he mostly just laid around and panted, poor little thing.

Last but certainly not least, were the angora bunnies. I'm crazy about these things, to the point that I considered getting one before we got Bagheera.

These are some of the most ridiculous-looking animals I've ever seen. They look like a normal bunny got put in the dryer and they puffed up into these giant dandelion type things. And they're huge. I'd seen pictures of them on the internet, and I thought they were the size of normal bunnies. But they're two to three times that size! And now I'm glad I didn't get one, because you pretty much have to be endlessly combing that fur. And there's a lot of fur.

It was a super fun day. I almost wish they had one every month. But not really, because I'd go so very broke buying yarn, and I'd never knit it all up. I already have too much as it is. But that's the way I like it.

And the other thing that's making my life more ridiculous: I signed up for trapeze classes again. I'm so excited! I will soon have super cool bruises again! That'll make wearing skirts to work interesting, once we get to doing ankle hangs.