August 28, 2010

Soon there will be belly scratches and loves

The Boy Creature and I just dropped off a form to adopt a little black kitten named Maya.

When we get her, we will change her name to Eleanor Roosevelt. There's a long story behind that name.

But I can't wait to get her.

August 8, 2010

Like a steel trap. For trapping useless things

I don't understand the way my brain works.

We're watching "When Harry Met Sally." For no particular reason. It's on, and it was better than "Rush Hour 3."

We just got past the part where they're shopping and singing "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" on the karaoke machine in the store, and his ex-wife shows up.

And I was doing the dance in my head. The dance from when I played Dream Laurey in Oklahoma in tenth grade. Eight years ago.

Why are those steps still in my brain? And why can't I remember the passwords I set minutes before I need them again?

August 6, 2010

More cowbell!

So it's the end of week one in Santa Fe. Not that this weekend won't be just as busy. I need to look at apartments, and the Boy Creature seems to think he's taking my car to Albuquerque to go to a barbershop. He's weird like that. Also, I desperately want to go for a hike. It's been too long.

But so far, I like my new job. It's sort of weird timing for me to be starting, because the school is going through all sorts of changes (including changing its name), so there's sort of a weird limbo feeling around the office. But I like it.

My favorite part so far is that when we get a confirmed student, I get to ring a cowbell and change the number on the board.

Today I rang the bell, and one of the enrollment advisors said "More cowbell!" and carried on with a pretty decent Walken impression.

Definitely my favorite part of the job so far.