July 25, 2009


Oh, it's been a long week. Very, very full of busy, and knitting, and actually not a whole lot of reading.

I finished I Capture the Castle, which was lovely and funny all the way through. I want my mom to read it, too. I probably could have finished it last weekend, right after I started it, if I'd tried. I got a third of the way through it on Saturday, and the about two thirds through on Sunday, if not more. Like I said, it was a busy, busy week, so all the rest of the reading I did was in little spurts of a few pages before I fell asleep (I can't sleep without reading something. Anything. I just need words to sleep). But it stretched through the week.

And now I can't decide what to read next. And the library is already closed today. They close very early on Saturdays. So I'm stuck with all the books I already own. What torture. Just kidding.

I have a feeling it'll end up more Peter Mayle. I bought French Lessons the last time I was back in Texas, and I wandered through the first few pages the other day. It seemed to go pretty well (as has all the Mayle I've ever read), so I'll most likely keep going with it.

Honestly, my mind isn't much on books today, anyway. Because I finally finished my first sweater!

That's where most of my time has gone this week. The only thing left to do is weave in the yarn ends, and that's it! Done! Triumph!

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