December 4, 2009

Belated birthday wishes

Two days ago, this blog turned one year old. I missed it, which is why I'm guiltily posting about it today. It hasn't been a bad year for the blog, but there are still other things I want done with it. Part of me suspects that me missing it's one-year anniversary is a telling sign. But maybe I'm being overly dramatic about a not-so-monumental day. It is a marvelously blustery day today, though, all gray and cold, and even a little bit rainy, just like I like it, and I am cozy inside our echo-y little house. There has been much reading and knitting, and I've enjoyed it. A lot.

But I'll still be glad to go back to Texas and get a job. I'm very much getting to the point that I've had just about enough of this sitting around waiting business.

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