September 23, 2011

Chicken or beef?

I know, I know. It's been over a month - again - since I posted. Sorry, Mom.

Honestly, it's mostly been because there hasn't been much to post about. Things have been pretty low-key lately. But it seems they're picking up.

Today I got invited to my third wedding for this year.

It'll be the first one I go to, but the third I'm invited to.

My friends are getting expensive. Luckily, I was invited to this one really last minute (it's next weekend. Luckily, I have a rack full of cute dresses to pick from), so I probably won't be expected to get them a gift, especially since I've already kicked in for the gift we're getting them from everyone at the office. This is a work friend's wedding, if I didn't make that clear.

It's weird getting older. Everyone is getting married all the time, and I already have friends that are having babies. I can't put my finger on what's weird about it, it just sort of is.

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