January 24, 2013

Better late than never, right?

I said the other day I’d lost interest in writing a new years’ resolution post while I was trying to write it, but apparently that was a lie, because I still want to write it. It’s been on my mind a lot.

I think it’s because I have real ones, I think for the first time ever. I had a big plan for 2013. The college where I work was going to add a Masters program that I was very, very interested in, and I was really excited and gearing up to dedicate basically the next two years of my life to it. However, that’s not happening. The program is not going to go (yet. They’re still hoping to get it off the ground in the near future, and if they do, I’ll probably be first in line because it will be great), so now I feel like I have this big gap to fill.

It’s made me think a lot about all those big grown-up things. What I want to be doing, how I feel about my job and where I’m going with it, how I feel about where I live and whether or not I want to stay here for at least two more years. Jesus, all this sounds so adult even as I’m writing it and it’s weird. As soon as I’m done here I’m going to go eat a bunch of sugary things and jump on my bed to try to feel like a kid again.

But suddenly I find myself making all these big plans and changes, even if they actually seem like small ones. So with that in mind: resolutions. Which actually seem to be sticking so far, amazingly enough.

First, I want to finally start sending out some writing for publication. I’m nearly five years out of college with a writing degree. I should be writing, and working towards being a writer, since that’s what I actually want to do. So it’s time to start polishing the stories I have, and keep working on writing more.

I want to use my time better. By which I basically mean less Netflix, more reading, writing, and even knitting. I waste too much time doing absolutely nothing productive, and I could get way, way better at that.

I want to finally go on a real trip this year. I have a friend that does guided hikes through the Swiss Alps, and he’s been trying to get me to go since I was still a student. And I have no big plans for this year (not anymore, anyway!), so I’m going to finally get a passport and finally go see somewhere new.

In the same vein of wasting less time and doing more, I’ve been thinking for awhile about starting a zine. I’ve been planning and messing around with ideas, and getting more and more excited about doing it. So I’m starting a zine! I even wrote some stuff for it already, and I got a name all picked out. More on that later, that’s for sure. I talked awhile ago about how I was on the lookout for a project, and I think this is my project.

Finally, I want to make my apartment look good. It’s the first apartment I’ve ever moved in without already having some idea of when I’d move out again. It’s also the first apartment where that one-year lease benchmark passed without me even thinking about whether I wanted to move somewhere else. I love my apartment. It’s nice, and old, and it suits me and it has a great kitchen, and my friends and I are finding that it’s pretty great for throwing parties. But I still have things that are in boxes, and books that don’t have shelves, and my desk is sort of a repository for all the old mail and odds and ends and junk that I hide when I throw a party. So I want to make my apartment look as great as it could be.

So that’s my plan for 2013. Growing up, basically. More on all of that later. Because like I said last time, I do plan to blog more. So you’ll get to hear about all of this stuff.

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