January 6, 2009

Loosening my stiff muscles

I started at a new yoga studio today. I found a postcard for them in a coffee house months ago. Actually, I think it was the night I dropped off our application for this apartment. My first taste of the neighborhood. I always meant to go check out the place, because they have this deal where you get ten days of yoga for twenty dollars. And that is what I now have. Today was day one, so for the next nine days, I get as much yoga as I can stand!

It's very exciting.

Tonight's class was pretty basic. More a moving meditation than real yoga, like I'm used to. I've done more ashtanga than anything, so I like things a little more dynamic. But given that I haven't done much of anything physical in almost eight months, starting slow was probably a good idea. I'll be that much less sore tomorrow. But anyway, it started out with the teacher asking us to focus on our intention, maybe on our resolutions, if we made any. Not that I had much focus. I'm a little rusty on that part of the yoga process. I spent most of the class telling myself "Stop thinking about the job! Stop thinking about your knitting! Stop thinking about the blog!"

I didn't technically make a resolution. The things I want for this year feel too big and vague to fit into a little to-do list for the year. I just want to be better, and try harder. That's a big part of why I was at the yoga studio in the first place. Ten days for twenty dollars is hard to resist, and it nearly guarantees me getting out of the apartment for ten days straight. Maybe even enough to build a habit of it. Get me out of the apartment more and more, hopefully. Maybe I'll hit the jackpot and make a friend, too.

Because I have to admit, I haven't tried very hard yet. I've spent too many nights in the last six months sitting at home, watching movies and knitting. And that's pretty much it. And that has to stop. So my plan, for now, is to do yoga for ten days, and then we'll see. Dance classes, circus classes, more yoga. I'll find something good. And then something even better. And it'll all just get better and better.

The teacher ended the class by saying that she hopes our dreams for this year do come true. Hoky as it may sound, I hope so too.