February 27, 2009

Dedicated to my bestest best friend

So last month, when I went back to Texas, I left my camera at my best friend's house. The good news is that she found it. The bad news is that she's being LAZY and has not bothered to send it back to me yet! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS! SEND ME MY CAMERA! DO IT NOW!

It's driving me crazy. Not only do I have a bunch of yarny goodness that I'm unable to add to my Ravelry pages, but we took a bunch of pictures that weekend that I want! And to make matters worse, I'm being all ridiculous and anal, and I'm waiting to knit with my delicious new Mmmmalabrigo until I can take a picture of it while it's still all pretty in the skein. It's my very first Malabrigo, and I can't bring myself to use it! It's torturous!


Ok, I'll lay off the exclamation points now.

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Lauren said...

Just remember that you love me.

Ooh, random, but this verification word says "suckst". Yeah, I'm entertained.