February 25, 2009

Kill your television

I told the Boy-Creature not to take too long in following me from his parents' house to the apartment, because we need to go to the grocery. We're not quite to the desperate point yet, but it would be a really good idea to go, if only because there's no more of the good Pasta-Roni, and no cereal. But now it's after eight, and I don't want to go anymore. And he's still not back. I've ceased caring, and instead am enjoying my time alone. Not that I don't love having him around, but this means I get to enjoy some of the new music I downloaded (Ingrid Michaelson, Sufjan Stevens, and Rufus Wainwright! Yay!). And the TV is off.

Boy-Creature is one of those people who likes to have the TV on all the time. If it weren't for the movies I so like to watch all the time (and DVDs of Firefly, and Pushing Daisies, and Home Movies), I'd be happy to not have a TV. Just not interested, really. Especially since Pushing Daisies got cancelled. Bastards.

During the summer of 2007, the summer before my last year of school, I lived alone at Mama's house. I was working and taking dance classes at the community college, so I'd spend the weekdays rushing from one place to the other from eight in the morning until nine at night. It was exhausting. So on the weekends, I'd flop into my favorite chair by the big window and read and nap and listen to music all day. It rained a ton that summer, too, which only made it better. But since I was so busy, and paying the bills by myself, I didn't have a lot of money to waste, so I had no cable and no internet. I liked it.

It was always so quiet, and I felt so productive, even if all I was doing was finishing books. I still miss that feeling, and that chair. I don't have a good little perch yet for sitting and reading. Got a good coffeehouse for that, but nowhere really good to sit in the apartment. There is a little niche in the bedroom where I'm thinking about sticking a little chair, but it hasn't happened just yet. We'll see.


cocoabean said...

I seldom watch TV, as I'm usually online or reading. That's infinitely more interesting than most of the TV shows!

Emily said...

The only TV I watch is "Survivor". Therefore, I do not have cable, as it's on a regular channel. I enjoy watching movies at home, though.