January 13, 2010

Catching up on the knitloviness

Knitlove! And sadly, even in all this time I've had to knit, there's only three things to update. Because I got lazy and didn't get a picture of the fourth one.

That fourth one was Mom's Christmas scarf. The super secret Christmas knitting was Yarn Zombie's Isobel Scarf, done in gorgeous Koigu yarn. It was my first Koigu, and far from my last, I can already tell. But anyway, the scarf was finished in time, and blocked and presented, and Mom loved it! She took off the scarf she was wearing (because my mom loves scarves) and replaced it with this one. So I think it was a hit. Eventually I'll get a picture.

Onto the things I do have pictures of.

The first is this mug cozy:

It's Jenny Raymond's Patty Cozy, or at least it will be one day when I get around to putting on the final touches. I thought it was a cute pattern, and I happened to have leftover Malabrigo and a button, so I made it. Or part of it, anyway. It still needs a loop and the button sewn on. These things would take me about fifteen or twenty minutes, if I would just sit down and do it. But I haven't yet. Meh. I will.

Now! The things I've been spending most of my knitting time on. My very first Cookie A. socks! They're the Clandestine socks, from the fall 2009 Knitty, and I'm loving them. I finished the first one in eleven days. The second one isn't going quite as fast, but I'm ok with that. I'll be glad when they're done, though, and I'm getting close. Two more lace repeats and the toe, a little finishing work, and they're done! They are super pretty, too. And they've been sort of a learning process, in regards to my lace tolerance. I've learned that knitting while listening to a podcast or audiobook seems to work fine, but for whatever reason, I can't knit while watching a movie. Even a movie I've seen a billion times. I tried knitting through "The Princess Bride" the other night, and I screwed up more in that one lace repeat than throughout the rest of these socks. Go figure.

And finally... my Hermione hat. It's actually called Hermione's Cable and Eyelet Hat, from JL Yarnworks' blog. I had this yarn that I had been knitting into mitts, but even though I'd loved the pattern, I wasn't crazy about how mine were coming out. I don't know why, but they just weren't working for me. So after literally a year of waffling and carrying around this UFO (Un-Finished Object, for you non-knitting muggles), I finally made a decision and frogged it, and turned the yarn into this hat. Yay! I love it. It's a little, tiny bit too long, but I love it anyway. I just have to either wear it pushed back on my head, or fold up the brim in front, and the good news is that it looks cute either way!

It just figures that we've already had our cold snap for the year, and it's back up into the sixties, and I probably won't be able to wear it until next year. Whatever. I'll be so cute in my hat next year.

Now I get to figure out what to knit next! It's very exciting.

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