January 20, 2010

Productiveness! Finally!

Like I said before, it's been a good week for finishing things. I finished the Clandestine socks, but didn't bother to take more pictures of them. I will, but they're done, and I weaved in the ends and everything. I was weaving in ends on all sorts of things. First were the socks. Second was this:

I made a tea mitten! The pattern is from Elisabeth Kleven of Knits Vehemently, and I love how it turned out. It is a little silly that I made a tea cozy for the pot that I can't currently use, as I don't have a tea strainer that fits through the top. But I'll get one soon, since I need to order more loose tea anyway. I'm totally out of my favorite tea, from Tealuxe! Their caramel creme brulee is delicious. So I'll get a new strainer then. I had one, but I accidentally put it through the garbage disposal. Whoops.

I do have another tea cozy in mind for the pot I actually use these days, but I already had that yarn in my stash, so that's what got knit first. So eventually, I'll get around to knitting useful things again.

In other news of finishing things, I did get this done:

Yay! It's a functioning mug cozy! And I like how it came out. I still have some of that yarn leftover, though, so I'll have to find even more small projects like this. And finally, my most exciting bit of knitting news:

I've started another sweater! It's Sarah Sutherland's Kaleidoscope, done in Three Irish Girls sock yarn. The colorway is called Roisin, and I've been drooling over this yarn for months on end. It took me hours just to pick this yarn out in the first place, and even then I had to call my mom and ask what she thought. It probably won't be the last yarn I buy from them, either. All their colorways are gor-freaking-geous. Gorgeous. So. My little six inches of sweater may not look like much yet, but it will. This is one of those projects where I wish it was done already, because I can't wait to wear it! Yay sweater!


Julie said...

I love the tea pot cover. And the tea pot. Where did you get it?

Katness said...

That tea pot is from KMart. Probably the only Martha Stewart anything I own!