March 10, 2010

I like inverted roller coasters best, FYI

Holy cow, what a week. And what a day. This week is seriously turning into a roller coaster. Monday and Tuesday crawled by so slowly I couldn't believe it, like that part at the beginning when you're going up the first big hill, which always feels so much longer than it actually is. Then this morning I get a call literally minutes after my alarm went off asking if I could make it to an office as soon as possible. And then all sorts of other things happened today, and they're not all definite yet, I think, so I don't wanna jinx it. So more details on that later.

But this means that no knitting happened today. And actually, not a whole lot of knitting has happened the rest of the week. What little I did do was good, though. I tried a new technique to fix the neck of my sweater, which is so close to being done I can taste it! All I have left to actually knit is the buttonhole band. Then I'll just have to weave in all the ends and sew on buttons and it's officially a sweater! I'm so excited!

Too bad I won't have much time for knitting for the rest of this week. Holy pancakes, Batman.

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