June 16, 2010

Yarn indecision

Have I mentioned that things are nuts lately?

Things are still nuts.

In actual news, here's one of the few things I managed to get accomplished recently:

Those are my strangler fig socks, finished on Sunday morning. I finished them, wove in the ends, put them on to take this picture, and then didn't take them off again. Yay!

I mean, I've taken them off since then, but I wore them all day Sunday. They're pretty darn comfy.

And then it took me forever to figure out what to cast on next. I can't decide if it helps or hinders that process, know that of the forty-seven items in my queue on Ravelry, I already have the yarn needed for twenty-six of them. I could walk into the room where my yarn lives and cast on twenty-six things, given enough needles, and I wouldn't need to buy yarn until they were all done. Crazy.

This knitting thing. It really seems to have caught on with me, huh?

I finally just started a thread on Ravelry and said, "Go people! Vote!" And they voted, and I cast on a grumpasaurus!

However, he'll only take me a few days to knit, so in a few days or so, I'll have to do the whole song and dance all over again.

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