July 7, 2010

Strange and new experiences

Wanna hear something funny? Something so quintessentially ridiculous it could only go on in my brain?

You know how I've been going on about how crazy and busy the last two months have been? It's nearing three months now. Every single weekend I've had some sort of plans where I've been out and about, and I don't just mean a quick jaunt to Target. And the one weekend where I didn't have plans, and was going to rest for the weekend, I got sick, and felt crappier on Monday morning than I did the Friday night before. And there's been plenty to do on the weeknights as well.

So I've been whining about how crazy things were, and I how I wish things would slow down, and it finally hit me. It's been so long since I was living the kind of life where I was busy on a regular basis. It's ok that I don't have hours to sit and read or watch DVDs for entire weekends. This isn't abnormal. It's not a bad thing.

This is what actually having a life feels like.

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