May 21, 2009

A self-confessed bubble gumaholic

I tried a new bubble gum today at work. I love gum, and especially when it's actually bubble gum, and not just yummy-flavored chewing gum. It's been a long-term love affair. For probably a decade, I have been of the opinion that Extra classic bubble gum is the best bubble gum there is.

It's got the right flavor, and it lasts a long time, and it makes great bubbles. Dubble Bubble and Super Bubble have probably the best flavor, but it runs out too quick, and then the gum gets kind of hard, and it's like you're chewing a rubber band. Not worth it. Bubble Yum and Bubblicious have good flavors, too, but they're too big. My jaw starts to ache before the flavor even runs out. Extra makes another flavor called original bubble gum, but it doesn't taste right. So the classic bubble gum flavor wins.

Until today. Stride Uber Bubble has ousted it, after all this time.

It has the flavor of Super Bubble, but it doesn't go away! It smells amazing, too (as does the inside of my purse now). I had the pack sitting on my desk most of the day, and every time I got a whiff of it, it gave me a little childhood-nostalgia rush of endorphins. It's like the gum in a Blow Pop, but without having to wait through the candy part. It may be the perfect gum.

And it's called Uber Bubble, and you get to say "uber" all day. I love that word.

Plus, I really like that Stride is making it. I like Stride, and the things they do as a company. I actually started buying their gum because of this site I adore, Where the Hell is Matt? It's pretty amazing to see what kind of life he's gotten to live. After getting bored with his long-term job as a video game developer, he quit, and started traveling around the world. And everywhere he went, he'd get a video of himself dancing. That's all. And now he's yet another internet sensation. Here's why I like Stride, though: they found out about Matt's first video, and gave him money to do another one. Just like that. They just said, "We like what you do. Go do more of it." They didn't ask him to advertise for them, and wear Stride t-shirts and hand out gum. They just found something cool going on in the world, and did what they could to keep the world going in that direction.

It makes me really happy to know that things like this happen. It's the reason why I have Matt's second video on my ipod. It's one of those things that's always guaranteed to make me feel a little better (especially the part in Rwanda. It's impossible not to smile when you watch that part).

So I'll spend money on a company that does stuff like that, just because they feel like it.

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Argentos of Windurst said...

Isn't Matt just fantabulous? And now I have a new gum to try.