September 8, 2009

Shiny happy fun stuff!

A selection of fun things I've found on the internet tonight (amidst researching moving stuff and updating my resume):

Monkey Island, in a nutshell
: This game was perhaps a larger part of my childhood than it should have been, but it left its mark. Hence my lingering love of all things pun, and piratical.

Epicute: The Cute Food Blog
: They are so not kidding when they say cute. I wasted way more time on this blog tonight that I should have allowed. My self-discipline is somewhat lagging, post-college. Deep down, I crave structure.

And finally...

The Uptown Soap Co.
: More miniature, tasty-looking, cute things. I've always had this not-so-secret love of hand-made/fancy/pretty soaps, and this blog is a gorgeous chronicle of some amazing soapmakers out there. I realize a blog about soap sounds kind of odd and maybe even boring, but trust me. Take the bait. Click the link. So pretty! And yet somehow, I only use Dove soap. Go figure.

P.S. I'm suddenly very seriously looking at bento blogs and going "Hmm... that looks doable."

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