October 24, 2009

My brain has atrophied in my period of unemployment, and I can't think of a title.

Being unemployed isn't so terrible, although I suspect I only feel that way because I already have an interview set up for this week, and I'm not too close to running out of money yet.

But other than occasionally being a little bored, it's ok. I've gotten a lot of reading and knitting done. And spent a lot of time on the internet. Both finding and applying for jobs, and killing time. I have read a whole lot of blogs the last couple of days.

A bunch of them have been blogs about one thing. Just cookies, or just cute food, or just art, or just soap, or just letters. (It was one of the chocolate blogs that gave me an immense craving for dessert yesterday, and led to us going to Copeland's, which was kind of terrible. The craving lives on.) I always love reading those kind of specialized blogs, and it always makes me think about starting one myself. But I can never manage to pick one thing I would want to blog about. I can't even come close.

Yes, I love chocolate, but do I love it this much? I actually don't think I love chocolate more than I love knitting. But I probably love books more than that. I have too many loves to only write about one in one place. My mind is too scattered to stick to one thing. So I suppose I should just keep reading other people's blogs, and keep blathering about whatever on my own.

Speaking of, sorry about the missed booklove post last week. Moving is exhausting. But like I said, being unemployed makes for a lot of free time for reading. Booklove update tomorrow, my lovelies!

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