October 2, 2009


So as of Wednesday, with a half-day at work and much, much cleaning, we are out of the apartment.

And as of today, the job is no more.

I'm exhausted.

Here is something I was thinking about today at work, instead of thinking about work:

I was listening to a slightly older episode of Lime & Violet, in which there was much talk about Neil Gaiman, and then talk about books, and how much they appreciate the Kindle, which is much lighter than books. Miss Violet was talking about the fact that she finally has shelf space, having gotten rid of some books, and about how happy that made her.

It does not work that way with me.

If I have shelf space, I think, "I must fill that up with more books. I shall go buy some now."

Which made me think of this bit of gloriousness. Ever since I saw that, I have been coveting that library. So I was thinking today about how for now, while I am young, and prone to restlessness and moving about trying to find where I want to plant myself, I try to at least somewhat restrain my book buying.

But once I settle into my life, where I want to be settled, I want my personal library to look something like that.

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