November 4, 2010

Can today be over now, please?

I'm not having the best day. I'm having a guilty day.

First of all, there was a mixup on a file at work. I feel like it's my fault, although my boss has assured me several times it's not really anyone's fault, just one of the mixups that was bound to happen with us changing our ownership, our procedures, and our computer system all within a few months of each other. So even though she says it's not my fault, I'm not entirely convinced. So today I listened to her doing damage control while I took care of my own work.

Then I came home and sat on Bagheera. We have a black cat and black chairs. She was curled up in a tiny, cute ball, and I didn't see her. She seems to be fine, as she was almost immediately jumping in my lap and purring while I scratched her belly. But I still feel guilty.

I don't like guilty days.

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Lauren said...

Oh best friend, I'm sorry you had a guilty day. We should talk soon and I will cheer you up! 143.