April 29, 2010

Bicycle adventures

I almost titled this post "Bicycles Races" solely because I love Queen and it came into my head at the right time, but then it occurred to me that I would probably never ever enter a bicycle race, and certainly not on the cheap, single-speed cruiser I'm currently riding.


It's been interesting so far, riding my bike. I'm now way more familiar with the degree of incline that I never ever noticed in nine years of living in this house and driving on that street in that direction probably at least twice a week since moving here (did any of that make sense? 'K, good). What's really unfair is that it's downhill on the way to work, when it's still cool in the mornings, and uphill on the way home, and the Texas heat is already starting to suck. I'm going to have to start shopping for lighter clothes soon, and stop wearing jeans every freaking day.

On Tuesday I got my first "You ride a bike here? That's awesome!" from a co-worker who saw me with my helmet in hand. And today I got my first "Nice bike!" from a girl on a porch on my way home.

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