April 18, 2010

The proud new owner...

I bought a purty bike today.

This one. It's a Schwinn Legacy, and I really like it. It was cheap, and more or less exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Unfortunately, it's been raining all weekend, and I don't have a helmet yet, so I haven't really ridden it. So tomorrow I'll drive to work one last time, and then go buy the few accessories I'll need. And then I'll be a biker! Yay.

I feel like there's actually more than a few accessories I'll need, though. I got a U-lock, but then I started reading bicycle blogs for tips on keeping your bike safe, and they all seem to advocate for having more than one lock. So I'll probably get another lock. And I need a pump, because the one we have has a bad hose. And I want a rear-view mirror, just in case. And reflective tape, for visibility. And I want a basket, because I'm not a huge fan of backpacks. Especially since I know that the hotter it gets here, the less I'll want a big heavy thing on my back. So the list of things to buy keeps growing in my mind.

But I'm still excited about my new bike. She needs a name now.

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