April 17, 2010

Cuppa tea, anyone?

Look look look!

It's my very first completed embroidery project. I'd have finished it sooner if I hadn't been attacked by the lazy. But it's done! It's a handkerchief. I like it. I'm looking forward to trying more things soon.


Julie said...

Ooh! Pretty! I've been wanting to try embroidery, but haven't yet. Where did you get the pattern/what pattern transfer method did you use?

Katness said...

It's from a kit I got called Stitch-It, and it came with iron-on transfers. I want to get some fabric pens so I can draw my own stuff, though.

Julie said...

I checked out a book on embroidery from the library and it has iron-on patterns in the back but I'm betting I'm not supposed to use them. I mostly got it to read about how to do the stitches. The baby has some onesies I'm dying to embroider.