November 24, 2009

An admirable goal

I'm really enjoying Austin, and all it's beautiful weirdness. Anyone familiar with their beloved slogan, Keep Austin Weird, will find this as no surprise. But I'm enjoying it.

We went to this great indie bookstore today that I loved. And I was noticing a trend in the things I was picking up and looking at, which got me thinking about my tastes, and the things I want to write. I'm just drawn to strangeness. All the things that are a little bit tilted and tainted and veering away from the norm, if not just all out bizarre. I've been thinking a lot about this today. That I have all that same odd creativity lurking in my head, I just need to work more on getting it out and onto paper. So that will be my goal for awhile, to try to loosen those creative muscles that have been stagnant lately.

In short, I will try to be weirder. That should make the Boy-Creature happy, right?


Laura® said...

While I'm all for cultivating weirdness, I wonder: why do you say "that should make the Boy-Creature happy," as if his approval is required?

Katness said...

Oh, nonono. That was sarcasm. I look forward to bewildering him with all the weirdness he has yet to see.