November 12, 2009

Yarny goodness

It's been another week of unemployment, so another week of lots of knitting getting done.

The sooper seekrit Christmas project has suffered yet another setback, hopefully the last. On this last attempt, I was almost to the end of the first of two balls of yarn. That hurt to frog. Hopefully I've finally landed on the right yarn. Fingers crossed, because starting over might actually kill me. Or I might hang myself with a hank of hand-painted. So fingers crossed. And the yarn that I frogged will just become another pair of socks. You can never have too many socks, right?

In more public news, I've started a sock with the FIRST yarn I attempted the gift with. With which I attempted the gift. It's going incredibly quickly. I think I'm gaining confidence on the sock front. Also, I had nothing else to knit in between the times when I decided to frog the second attempt gift and when I acquired new yarn for the third attempt. So here's my progress so far:

That's the progress of two days of knitting. That's a quarter of a sock! That's so much faster than the last pair! So that feels good. The pattern is called Slave to the Plurk, from Terry Ross, and I'm loving it. The yarn still isn't exactly my favorite colors, but it at least looks less like cat yak than the gift did. And if I truly end up hating them, I can always wear them under boots or something. I'll find a silver lining if it kills me!

The other news is that BOY-CREATURE ASKED ME TO TEACH HIM TO KNIT!!! I'm not sure if he wants that announced across the interwebs, but he didn't expressly say not to, so I'll do it anyway.

That was his progress as of this morning, when I took that picture. I taught him to cast on and knit, and he did most of that without supervision! He's doing awesome! He has since learned to purl, and how to switch between purl and knit, and - brace yourselves - how to cable! He wants to learn to make himself cabled hats, and maybe a scarf or something, and maybe even his own sweater someday. How amazing is that?

My boyfriend knits now. Does yours? Try not to be too jealous.

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