November 19, 2009

Knitting update

Another week has gone by, and a lot of knitting has happened. I'm nearly done with the first of three balls of yarn on the super secret Christmas gift project, so it's coming along well. Especially considering it was only a week ago that I had to start over. So thank goodness for that.

The sock is coming along. I turned the heel yesterday, and I'm through the decreases and now I'm just knitting the foot. See?

I'm having a few annoying little doubts about the heel. I think it may be a little too big, but I couldn't decide. So I'm still waffling about whether I want to rip back and redo it or not. I can definitely say that I like the flap heel better than this one. It just feels sturdier to me, like it'll last longer. But then I've never worn hand-knit socks, so I don't have any frame of reference for how well they'll hold up. Other than those little hesitations, it's going well.

There is one other little bit of news. Remember this sweater?

The sweater that I finished back in July? Well, confession: I hadn't actually, entirely finished finished it. I just finished the knitting. But it's cool enough now to wear a sweater, so I decided I want to wear it to the big Thanksgiving dinner we're having this Saturday, with the whole family. So I sat down yesterday to weave in all the ends- and there were a lot of them. So it's actually finished now. Hooray! Finally.


Lauren said...

That is a very cool sweater.

Speaking of sweaters...where's my wonder woman sweater?

I love you!

berlinbetty said...

Ooooh, that sweater is beautiful! I LOVE the color! I shall sit her and quietly seeth in jealous. the sock is looking lovely, too.

Katness said...

Thank you, Betty! I gotta say, though, I saw your Owl sweater, and I'm really starting to wish I'd made time for that knitalong. Yours looks awesome.

And as for, YOU, Neaves, just keep your pants on. I'll knit you a sweater when I'm good and ready! So there.