November 13, 2009

Low caffeine tolerance

So last night I went to a coffeehouse for the wi-fi signal, because I couldn't get a connection at the house. Just another reason I'm looking forward to getting a job and our own place again. But at said coffeehouse, you have to spend at least five dollars to get a passcode for access to the wi-fi. So I got this iced coffee thing, because it's really yummy, and it's overpriced. My usual cup of hot tea will not hit five bucks- probably not even with a biscotti. So I was drinking coffee at ten at night, and I don't eat or drink much of anything with caffeine lately, which means I was up all night last night. On the bright side, I got plenty of knitting and reading and drawing done. On the downside, it's mid-afternoon, and I'm expecting to start crashing soon. So it's going to be a lazy day.

I might start a puzzle later. Fasten your seat belts.

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