November 11, 2009

Plans and changes

So two days ago I finally told my mom that we're going to Fort Worth instead of staying in New Orleans. We're having a hard time finding jobs, and it doesn't really feel like where we want to be, even if it is just until one or both of us goes to grad school. And considering that I want to start grad school next fall, and one of them is in the DFW area, it kinda makes sense to just head that way.

This was a weird decision for me. The first time the Boy-Creature suggested it, I was caught way off guard, and was not prepared for it, and I got all freaked out and upset. I grew up in Arlington (right next door to Fort Worth), and spent my freshman year at TCU, where I was doing everything I could to transfer to an out-of-state school and get out of there as soon as possible. I never really wanted to go back, and I never even really considered it until now. So after the initial freakout, that's the plan.

It's weird, to be going back while trying to move forward at the same time. A part of me still isn't sure if this is what I want, but it's what we're doing. So wish us luck.


Bill said...

So, Dallas/Fort Worth is closer to San Diego than New Orleans, correct? At this rate I predict you'll be back in San Diego around September 2010.

Katness said...

Nah. If I get that close to the west coast again, it'll probably be in Seattle, or someplace like that. I've heard Olympia has the best job market in the country right now.