November 17, 2009

Hold onto your hats, it's way too exciting around here.

Today we learned that I am extremely possessive when it comes to my jigsaw puzzles. I hate when I do two-thirds of a puzzle (including the whole bottom third that was just GRASS), and someone else comes along and decides to help on the last bit. And the closer it gets to the end of the puzzle, the more I want the other person to go away, until I'm hoarding a handful of odd pieces that I'm keeping just so that the other person can't do them.

Luckily, the Boy-Creature is really good at getting me to admit when I'm being thoroughly ridiculous, and with putting up with that ridiculosity. So the Stonehenge puzzle is done now. Maybe tomorrow we'll start on the wacky cow that got tangled in the clothesline!

God, I need a job.


Anonymous said...

You're silly! 'Course, that's how I am when it comes to my cooking. Chris has learned to simply stay out of the kitchen and leave me to my crazy.

Katness said...

Yeah, mine (also a Chris) is still learning.