November 4, 2009

A few thoughts on moving cross-country (again)

The Boy-Creature and I have been in New Orleans for a little over two weeks now. Sometimes it feels like we just got here, and sometimes it feels more like two months. For some reason, it's only now that I've really started thinking about all this moving business. Maybe it was seeing family the last couple of days, or maybe some of the big-decision-type stuff Boy-Creature and I have been talking about (more on that later). But it's all been on my mind.

This is a different kind of move for me than the ones before. I've only ever moved away, moved out. I went from my home in Texas, to school in Santa Fe, then to California. It was always new. But now I'm moving back. Even though I've never lived in New Orleans, or anywhere in Louisiana, I have so much family here and I've visited here so much, that it feels like going back home. Even though it is new. For the first time it's like moving backwards and forwards at the same time. And even more so, considering the decisions Boy-Creature and I have been making. That has been the real thought-provoker for me. You'll see why soon.

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