November 7, 2009

At Gram's house

Today I'm blogging at my Grandparents' house, on the computer that has been around since my junior year of high school. Just the fact that it still turns on is a testament to how little my mom likes to spend money on new things, if there's even a slight chance she can just fix the old one. Some of the old stuff doesn't actually get fixed, and it gets turned into something else. Outside, there is a three-legged bathtub holding up racks of plants. In addition to who knows what else.

I'm also typing on one of those old clicky keyboards that I don't even think they make anymore. People seem to prefer much quieter keyboards these days. And I type fast, and the noise is getting annoying, so I'm thinking it'll be a short post today.

It's just interesting hanging around this house, and seeing what has changed, and seeing the things that have never changed for as long as I can remember.

The other bit of news from today is that I can't get my laptop to find the wireless signal here, so I've actually been getting a little bit of writing done.