November 23, 2009

Autumn in Austin

It is a beautiful night in Austin tonight. Boy-Creature and I ran around downtown today, and then came back to hang out at the house. Everyone is cooking and drinking and laughing. The guys keep arguing over who gets to control the stereo, and who has the best collection on his ipod, and who has the best taste in classic music. There's a cool breeze coming off the pond behind the house, and I was listening to that part in "Night moves" where Bob Seger is singing about autumn closing in, and it just seemed like such a perfect moment.

Mom said we should see as much of Austin as we can, and see if we might like to live here. I will be applying to UT for grad school, so it's not out of the question. The couple that owns the house even offered to rent us a room while we find jobs and a place, if we do decide we want to come here. But I'm not making any decisions tonight. We're here until Saturday, so we've got five days to see how we feel.

If it could always be like it is tonight, I might just say yes.


Laura® said...

I just moved to Austin myself, with the intention of getting into UT for grad school (the creative writing MFA, specifically), so I'm curious... what field of study did you have in mind?

Katness said...

I have a BA in creative writing, so I did give that some thought, too, but I'm applying for library/information sciences.